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A statement of interest is submitted by a company to participate in All in for Advancement. GBCC and Babson College will use this information to support program design and will share this with your company's participants as part of the program orientation. We ask companies to identify up to four diverse INfluencers from within company who will participate and subsequently complete a participant profile.

Company Representative: Please include the name and contact information for the company representative who will be a main contact for recruitment. 

Review Requirements

  • Please indicate that your CEO, Boston/MA Office Managing Partner, or local office leadership commits to championing culture to retain and advance women, and, thus, support the organization’s participation in this program.
  • You have identified internal supports and resources that are in place for pursuing culture change.
  • Your company commits to supporting up to four participants with the time and resources to attend all formal sessions and the approximately 10-15 hours per month needed to work on the project at your organization.
  • Your company is aware of $15,000 program fee which includes up to four participants.

Points of Contact:  We plan to send periodic updates regarding the program to key internal stakeholders. Please provide names, positions, and emails for the individuals that the company would like to have updated with program progress.

Statement of Interest:  State why your company wants to participate in All in for Advancement and what goals you seek to advance. In addition to stating your interest, please describe existing gender diversity initiatives at your organization. Please complete on separate document in one to two pages and upload here.

Company Logo: Please provide company logo to be used in marketing. (.eps or .ai file necessary)

Participants: Please list up to 4 participating employees of your company. These “INfluencers” will receive an automated request for them to complete a participant profile. You can either send request now or wait until you’ve formally submitted your statement of interest to trigger the automated request. To see a copy of the participant profile, click here. We recommend you have a conversation with these employees before you send the request for the profile. The system will automatically update you once profiles are completed. All profiles are due December 13.

To submit your statement of interest click here.